Ala-genah: Why Post-grad life may not be so bad


I just had a wonderful weekend in New York City. Unlike many people I know, I am not incredibly enchanted by NYC. I usually feel quite the opposite. But for some reason or another, I’ve visited New York every year since freshman year of college. I had a wonderful weekend with Naveena, Kushal+others. Cam is a sweetheart and I am still shocked that they are such good friends with him. But regardless of everything that happened that I will not go into, the most important lesson New York taught me this time came in a beautiful, 6’2, vessel from God. On Saturday night I was completely enamoured by this British boy named Tom who mentioned that he was in the “fashion industry” which I later found out meant that he was a ridiculously legitimate model(GQ, Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, etc). I was in line for the bathroom and I heard Danza Kuduro through the speakers and wanted to dance when I noticed the boy behind me shuffling his feet to the music. I turned around to dance with him and low and behold he introduced himself to me within a minute and he was British. As if that wasn’t enough, he had beautiful blue eyes and kept flirting with me. He is a Libra, talked about how blessed he is, talked about how his dad is the background on his phone because he is his biggest inspiration because he raised him with good morals. GOOD MORALS. When was the last time a beautiful 6’2, British boy talked to you about morals at a nightclub? I was a puddle. And at the end of our conversation we kissed(tbh I don’t even know if I moved my lips because I was so stunned). But he pulled away from me and smiled and I think that might have been the most romantic kiss of my life. Looking back on it, it felt like I was in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. I’m mildly obsessed at the moment, and depressed(because I will probably never hear my name in his beautiful British accent) but all of this taught me a very important lesson that I thank God for.


If anybody else reads this blog, that is an Ethiopian phrase that is often used in my favorite wedding song, and it essentially means, there’s more. I would have never thought that somebody as attractive as this boy would be interested in me let alone call me intimidating. And yes, it is probably because he was drunk but still. He was so sweet. Even the next day when he was texting me he was so sweet. It also showed me that there is life outside of this 2 mile radius bubble of my College Town. This Tom boy and his friends who I briefly interacted with, had completely different lives than I did, but we were the same age. I forgot how small of a circle my life was and i realized that there were still so many interesting people that I so desperately want to meet. It reminded me of Europe and how many new stories we came in contact with and how the blend of realizing that people are completely different than you but also seeing humaninty in their eyes makes you feel alive. I realized how much I love listenting to what people care about. And yes, it is x10 better when it is coming from a beautiful boy who is flirting with you, but anything that is raw and real and has heart is beautiful. There are so many more beautiful people on this earth and I want to experience as many as I can. I realized that God still has so many people to place in my life for a specific purpose and my college degree is not going to change that. With God, there are so many more possibilities and things awaiting us that we have no idea about. It’s also funny how this small interaction taught me such a big lesson and reaffirmed my desire for wanting to be a psychiatrist. I love seeing people’s emotions and their core and anything that shows a little bit of people’s soul’s is so incredibly beautiful to me.

Also, this moment with this boy made me think about the fact that I think when I finally do get a boyfriend/husband I think it’s going to be worth it. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me. I just have to keep believing, trying, learning, growing, and going after what I want and I’m really starting to believe that everything will be okay.


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