I Promise To Be Great

During the 2015-2016 school year, I often played the song Promise by Kid Ink while walking around campus. Usually this song would get me pumped about my my weekend, but it later started to signify the end of my journey.

University of Maryland, College Park. Those four words send shivers up and down my spine. I cannot explain the genuine elation that I felt as a member of UMD’s student body. I’ve learned a lot in and outside the classroom. I made friends with some of the best people you will ever meet. I was challenged with extremely hard classes. I learned that I had a problem believing in myself  and made a conscious effort to change that. I fell in love with different types of people and realized my personality is one of my greatest strengths; I finally believed people when they told me that people gravitate towards my natural compassion and genuine  interest in others.

I’ve been avoiding being on campus because every time I’m there I feel extremely happy which turns to nostalgia and sadness when I realize the university does go on without me. I’m so incredibly blessed that this place made me so happy and eternally grateful for all the lessons it has taught me. I’ve come across some extremely inspirational students, faculty, and even courses. I had the pleasure of meeting Akhila, who I hope one day will be my bridesmaid. I have learned all about different religions and cultures while simultaneously growing in faith. I have been sad, discouraged and anxious. But as my mom says, bad times are often accompanied by some slither of light.  For me, that light was always the support that people I love offered me. When I was shaking of stress I had a 1.5 minute Nicki Minaj rap session with Akhila in Cumberland lounge. When I couldn’t sleep I talked to Raveena about Z, God, and fate and she encouraged me to do spiritual things and made me a better person for it. Neha encouraged me every single day when I thought I couldn’t redeem my grade in my math class and believed in me when my mind was telling me otherwise.  I had all the unique people in Life Sciences to call my family from Day 1. I learned about business, creative thinking and not taking no as a final answer from  K squared. I learned that there aren’t always straight paths and that there is a grey area. I also learned that good people do bad things and vice versa. I got drunk and had the time of my life-especially during my 19th,20th,21st, 22nd birthday- with all the people I loved and cared about. So when I think about all of those things, I can’t be upset that I’m done. College was everything I hoped for and more. I will go forward as a better, more educated, person and will continue to strive for greatness.

So thank you, University of Maryland, for making me into the person I am today. I’d like to think my time at the University of Maryland was an unspoken vow. I was greeted with a wonderful orientation advisor that instilled my initial  excitement for the school and a wonderful program that secured this unspoken contract. I was promised to be challenged, learn and grow. And now as a alumna, it’s my turn to make a promise.

In the words of Kid Ink-I promise to be great.





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